Space Rabbit Leads New Year New Explorations At INDIGO

2022/12/30 - 2023/02/19

INDIGO is hosting the New Year New Explorations programme featuring the beloved space rabbit, mascot for the Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center of the China National Space Administration.


The New Year celebration from 30 December to 19 February includes an immersive setting at the shopping mall, engaging interactive AR games and other fun experiences to help enjoy the allure of space travel. 


The Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese lunar calendar, 2023 also marks the start of a new journey for INDIGO after it celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. 


With the presence of the rabbit mascot, a symbol of China’s Moon and Mars missions, the celebration represents an innovative fusion of technology, culture and art as INDIGO continues to improve the shopping experience. It also pays tribute to China’s 30 years of manned space missions while wishing everyone a happy New Year of new discoveries and achievements ahead in 2023.