INDIGO Coffee Youth Day

2021/04/09 - 2021/04/11

From April 9th to 11th 2021, INDIGO cooperated with “Walking Coffee Map” to bring customers “Coffee Youth Day” with the theme of Wandering Round Hutongs. 50 exceptional independent baristas have been invited to give all the coffee lovers an unforgettable and distinctive coffee feast. During the event period, Winter Garden at INDIGO has been creatively transformed into typical Beijing hutong scenes and customers were able to taste various local hutong coffees easily. The coffee affair was hustle and bustle, people from different places gathered to celebrate this special festival. 


“A cup of coffee” has become a most popular social method among young people. In the coffee time, they share the common interest and start to know each other. INDIGO will continue to curate more culture oriented social events to become another leisure and social destination for young people. Also, to further develop culture and creativity in the future.