INDIGO Celebrates 9th Anniversary With Inspiring Art Campaign

2021/09/17 - 2021/10/07

In celebration of its 9th anniversary, INDIGO is curating an extraordinary art campaign that resonates with a far larger audience, both young and young at heart. 


The dynamic shopping destination is innovatively collaborating with emerging artists from top establishments like the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University and the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts alongside pioneering players in the capital city’s cultural scene such as Drama Spirit, a combination of theatre and bar. In the cross-boundary cooperation, it has also worked with Tencent’s music arm to release an exclusive list of favourite songs for travelling that were personally recommended by Silence Wang, a Chinese pop singer and songwriter.


The campaign that runs from 17 September to 7 October embraces the wide aspirations of today’s young people to take a break from the hustle and bustle of urban life, opt for a quieter and laid-back lifestyle, and appreciate art to gain inspiration and new ideas. The refreshing art installations, well-matched pop-up stores and immersive experiences at INDIGO have brought a charming and eclectic vibe enjoyed by every shopper and visitor.