The Swire Properties and SinoOcean Commercial Property joint commercial properties complex - INDIGO has officially announced its new brand innovation “LIVE THE LIFE”. The new brand concept is aiming to better express INDIGO’s positioning and perceptions, target to lead the audiences to pursue real and relaxing lifestyles. 

With the launch of “LIVE THE LIFE” brand concept, INDIGO has also launched a series of illustrating images and videos to explain the ideas behind through real stories and feelings, to impress everyone that how great lifestyle elements INDIGO has to offer. Audiences could view the series on INDIGO official Wechat and take part in the interaction.

From September 20th to October 8th 2018, INDIGO has built a relaxing lifestyle garden at the Winter Garden. Colorful sky trees and green floor are offered for consumers to take photos and play around. During the event time, INDIGO will also join hands with selected brands for limited-time events to illustrate “LIVE THE LIFE” concept and bring plenty of discounts to consumers.