Dreams come true in the Woodeful Land at INDIGO

25 August Beijing, China - INDIGO is joining in partnership with Wooderful life, and officially announcing the spectacular opening of the Wooderful Land theme park. Conveniently located within the central of INDIGO Winter Garden on ground floor, the Wooderful Land transforms ordinary events into the extraordinary. 

The Wooderful Land has revealed its mask by setting up over 200 real trees and 200 lovely wooden animal dolls here. It offers a tranquil atmosphere for guests seeking a private urban refuge.

The tall tree house has hidden stealthily in shadows, and surrounded by a set of merchandise sales area, wood game area, wooden education area, as well as DIY creative area and horticultural creation area.

Wooderful life has literally embodied the combination meaning of “Wood” and “Wonderful life”. The brand features not only simply about wooden products, but well preserved traditional and innovative techniques to touch each customer. 

Wooderful life keeps exploring new possibilities and bringing new lives to wooden crafts, which for example, as adding energetic succulent plants on wooden elements. 

This time, highlights from selling “Wooden Education” themed game products, enable customer to experience the joys both at mall and at home. 

To address the sustainability and knowledge of wood for children, the Wooderful Land” has displayed serial drawing boards.

Wooderful life believes that learning is the foundation of all growth and possibility in life. Thus Wooderful life has invited hearing vulnerable children from Charity Alliance for Hearing-impaired Children to experience all-round activities, aims to strengthen their wood-related knowledge, and provide their passions and talents.  

The Wooderful Land will wind up the old-fashioned clockwork coming with joyful melody and movement. It touches people's hearts and brings good memories to life. Come to experience the exquisite expression of warm in INDIGO, The Wooderful Land, from 25th August to 31st October.