INDIGO 2018 Christmas event - Celebrating Chinese New Year with Molly at INDIGO
INDIGO 2019 Chinese New Year event “Celebrating Chinese New Year with Molly at INDIGO” welcomes all to enjoy Spring Festival with Molly at Winter Garden. INDIGO teams up with POP MART to present a splendid event, which perfectly fused trendy toy IP, Molly, and Chinese traditional culture for all to celebrate Chinese New Year.  


Chinese  New  Year KV
Chinese New Year KV
Molly’s Palace has been decorated in Chinese traditional imperial architecture style, which not only has a “Golden Lion Molly” standing in front of palace, but also has a 3-metre-high “Golden Dragon Molly” protecting around. Come and get a Good Fortune Lot from Treasures Pavilion, prepare for your wealth and prosperity. Customers could also take pictures to expect for a prosperous fortune in the New Year. Lantern array and Fu wall at Pavilion with Blessing will send you good fortune and luck. Various interactive workshops and INclub bonus points’ campaigns are prepared for customer’s enjoyments.

Ba Xi Opera Tower
Ba Xi Opera Tower