Celebrating the Chinese New Year at INDIGO with Wuba

INDIGO 2018 Chinese New Year event ‘Celebrating the Chinese New Year at INDIGO with Wuba’ was launched on 25 Jan with a splendid opening ceremony at Winter Garden.

Chinese  New  Year KV
Chinese New Year KV
On the ceremony, leading roles in Monster Hunt 2, Wuba and Benben presented a lucky spring festival couplets, a blended Chinese traditional acrobatics performance. Chinese New Year event officially began.

Ba Xi Opera Tower
Ba Xi Opera Tower

INDIGO combines movie scenes in Monster Hunt 2 and Chinese New Year elements perfectly, and presents a fantasy monster wonderland to all. Each scene in Winter Garden has been well decorated with rich Spring Festival vibes.

Ba Xi Opera Tower
Ba Xi Opera Tower

 ‘Bai Xi Opera’ Tower with decorated with auspicious clouds, ‘Pavilion with Wishes’ collects best wishes from all people and interactive game ‘Pray for Good Fortune’ invokes prosperity for the coming year. Meanwhile, ‘Spinning Fortune Wheel’ carries laughter and good wishes.

Additionally, Wuba and his monster friends also come to celebrate with people and give blessings.

INDIGO Chinese New Year event will last till 4 March. A range of fun, performances and interactive activities are prepared within the incredible monster wonderland on each weekend.