Energy Conservation

  • Use of energy efficient LED and T5 light fixtures for indoors
  • Use of low-e glazing & Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) to reduce heat loss and maximize thermal insulation
  • M10 passenger lift system-computerized lift management system to reduce average waiting time
  • Escalators with two-speed energy saving device
  • Solar-powered landscape lighting fixtures & street lamps
  • Shading and fritted glass on Winter Garden roof for thermal insulation

Water Conservation

  • Rain water and waste water recovery & recycling system to make grey water for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation
  • Use of dual flush and auto flush system for water closets, I-R sensor for faucets and urinals

Air Pollution Control

  • Smoke-free indoor environment for the entire development
  • Filtering and flushing of central A/C system during construction and before occupancy
  • Use of super-low sulphur emission diesel generator to reduce pollution risk
  • Use of low volatile organic compound or VOC-free paints
  • Cope with and monitor indoor PM2.5

Ozone Layer protection

  • Use of environment friendly refrigerants for chillers

Sustainable Use of Materials and Resources

  • Implementing construction material recycling & refuse classification system on site
  • Use of regional materials
  • Use of materials with recycled content
  • Avoid using materials containing asbestos

Carbon Footprint Reduction

  • Direct underground connection to Subway Line 14 to promote use of public transportation
  • Provision of shuttle bus services prior to connection of subway
  • Provide more than 1,000 bicycle parking spaces
  • Priority parking for green fuel vehicles and carpool / vanpool
  • Connectivity of more than 20 bus lines
  • Use of local plant species in landscape and open park

Noise Pollution Control

  • Sound insulated curtain wall system
  • Monitor noisi pollution throughout construction period


  • LEED Aps in project management
  • Educational effort to promote sustainable development
  • Main contractor awarded ISO 14001 certification